Tuesday, October 22, 2019

Term 4
Week 2

WOW Term 4! This year has gone so fast but we still have a lot to complete before the end of the year which is looming fast. This week we have been super busy getting back into routines and writing detailed descriptions of ourselves through visual bibliography'. These will be on display this week so feel free to come in and have a look at them. The children have worked hard on providing details other than factual information.

We also has out Cluster Athletics Day on Tuesday. It was a great success and the children gave each event their best efforts and represented Netherby School with great PRIDE.

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Term 3
Week 10

These last 2 weeks have been busy but so educational which has been awesome. We have been learning about similes and are in the midst of publishing our own simile poems, so watch the space!
For Week 9 and 10 we have had life Education at school. Room 1A have been learning about what drugs are harmful and what are helpful e.g. coffee and medicines. We were also looking at what the body does to rid us of bad toxins in our bodies and the effect they can have on our bodies and the environment.

We have also been working hard on creating some beautifully colourful Maori art for Maori Language Week a couple of weeks ago, don't they look effective!

Monday, September 9, 2019

Term 3
Week 8

This week we have been putting our researching skills into practise for the countries that are in the Rugby World Cup for 2019. Each child chose a country and had to research; their flag, native animal and plants, population, cultural beliefs, and the Rugby world cup team information. The posters have turned out really well presented and have good amounts of information and visuals to support them. Please feel free to come into the classroom and see the children's posters on display.

We have also been working on talking and thinking about what a good learner does. We have some great visuals up on display to support their thinking and to encourage positive and a never give up attitude to their learning.

Thursday, August 29, 2019

Term 3
Week 6

This week we have been working hard on our researching skills. We have been researching New Zealand as a culture through Kiwiana, The Rugby World Cup coming up in September, and Japan as the host country for The Rugby World Cup. Children were to use their research skills to find information and then summarise in their own words. Here are some pics to support this.


We have also been working on how New Zealand is represented through culture and what we think represents the different cultures of New Zealand and how we can represent those in a flag design.

Tuesday, August 20, 2019

Term 3
Week 5

This week has been a huge week for success in Room 1A. All children have been working so hard on their speeches. They have created a structure, used expression, hand gestures and eye contact, and they have taken absolute PRIDE in what they wrote to inform and entertain their peers. I am beyond proud of their efforts. Well done to Liam, Temperance, Ian, and Leon for making the finals for our school and well done for Ian who picked up teachers choice, and Leon who won our competition.

We have also been working on using different materials for our Art to make our classroom even more colourful. We created Koru art with sponged backgrounds and Koru for the WOW affect. Have a look at seesaw for individual photos.

Monday, August 12, 2019

Term 3
Week 3

This week we have had a big week!
We have had swimming this week and the children have really learnt skills that will aid them while being in the water and their confidence to swim for their future. The children told me that they learnt skills like; rolling logs, breaststroke, freestyle, breathing and turning, floating, the worm (moving onto butterfly), and lots and lots of fun!

We have also been working on our patterns/shape and colour combinations. We have a piece of illusion art work that shows this really well. The children have taken great pride in these and they are on display in our classroom, feel free to come and have a look anytime.

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Term 3
Week 1

It has been a good week of getting back into routine. We have started  brainstorming for our speeches for the middle of this term. We have also been talking about what kind of qualities are needed in order to be a good team member and what the Room 1A students like about Room 1A.

We also had our first sports session back for this term, we were learning how to aim and throw at a target and play fun games that involve teamwork.